What Is Recommended For Home Creative Fashion Life Supplies?

As the name implies "create" innovation, creation, creation and so on; "idea" consciousness, concept, wisdom, thinking and so on. Creativity breaks the traditional philosophy, is a collision of thinking, wisdom docking, is a new idea and creative ideas, different from the general thinking ideas, the four characteristics of creativity: novelty, amazing, shocking, effective. "Fashion" refers to a trend that is pursued in today's society, the pursuit of a trend, a reaction to the performance of the heart, "creative fashion lifestyle products, of course, a lot of it! The following "a gift pass" for you to recommend.

  • Home electric toothbrush

         It turns out that brushing your teeth can be so enjoyable. The design of this home electric toothbrush is inspired by the timeless beauty of the ancient Greek column, and the user's grasp of the electric toothbrush was studied in depth, and the scale and proportions of the diamond column were carefully sculpted to give you a comfortable grip and a clever stop-roll function!

  • Home hair dryer

          High power hair dryer, high wind quality motor, copper core, strong and stable power, large wind and low energy consumption, hot and cold wind fast modeling, five free adjustment, to meet the different needs of users, functional settings: on key, soft wind key, strong wind key, cold wind key, warm wind key, hot wind key, customization can choose their own needs, choose the power of the hair dryer and color, pattern, etc.. This fashionable "home hair dryer" is the pursuit of a new generation of beauty lovers, and the same, cold days no longer have to worry about washing hair, fast blow dry, to avoid washing hair and cold, wind heat evenly does not damage the hair, can blow out the ideal hair when you go out.

  • Vacuum cleaner for home and car

          Easy to use, not just vacuuming so simple, strong power motor, professional head configuration, wet and dry vacuuming, car cleaning dust, household cleaning dust, mini-lightweight easy to carry, color optional, stylish, turbo motor super suction, easy to suck away the car water, super suction suction to remove dust, more easily absorb the scattered liquid, wet and dry in one fell swoop, equipped with a large transparent water storage bin. Can be stored in the adsorption water, effectively avoiding dust in the dust bin backwards leakage, both ends of the exhaust at the same time, more rapid heat dissipation, is the new choice for home life.

  • Home & car audio

          Home, car audio is a fashion gift, auspicious pet or 2017 new products, customizable phantom sound zodiac audio family, eleven years of sharpening, every year to create a, now, has long gone beyond the boundaries of the zodiac, to win the heart of every have or will adopt phantom sound pet, is the heart, creative design hidden button, chicken crown hidden volume adjustment, chicken beard (under the mouth part) hidden, switch / play / pause button Integrated, simple and clever, "cute" cute body to please you, frosted body, delicate touch; transparent crown, chicken beard, warm image; soft Q-tip chicken claws, mouth, playful and cute; rounded belly, invisible wings; full of childish, delightful.

  • Home desktop water dispenser

         Haier Strauss HSW-V5HR home desktop water dispenser has its own liftable water tank, not limited by the water source and placement, suitable for offices, living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, etc., not controlled by the water source, where you want to put it, heating 60 ℃ hot water, just 10 seconds, 100 ℃ boiling water requires 20 seconds of heating time, with this water dispenser, the children will think it's a fun thing to drink a glass of water after a glass of water, without rushing them!

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