Home Storage Tips——Solve Small Space,Mess Stuff Problem

I have been settled down in many cites in these few year.And I moved my home often.There are many goods moved with me to the new house.

Here is some tips about storing goods,to help me save lot of space.

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom


Appliances Shelves

These shelves is mainly for you to put the kitchen small appliances.Like, I have a lot of small appliances, oven, meat grinder and so on.We in need of such a large shelf, because it can be put in the two layers which can store small crock pots and so on, the rice box also put on it, not only can save space, but also make your kitchen be more neat. The key is that the price is not expensive, the capacity is also particularly large.

Spice Organizer

 There are a lot of spices in the kitchen and when I bought the organizer I could find what I needed at a glance.

Vegetable And Fruit Shelf

This is for the vegetable and fruit.You can also put some seasoning packets on it.It can help us categorize.The top of the shelf can be used to put eggs,garlic,ginger,small things.The bottom is used to put vegetables and fruits.Great organization,it prevents vegetables from being crushed too.

Living Room

Sundry Shelf

Girls have a lot of makeup that can be placed on a shelf when not in use for a while. You can also place some jewelry, toys.

Shoe Shelf

Organize your shoes to make your home neater and save a lot of space.

Toothpaste Squeezer

More cost-effective than buying a toothbrush holder or toothpaste dispenser or wash cup separately, this bathroom toothbrush holder set has 4 in 1 functions (1.Hang Five Toothbrushes; 2.Squeeze Toothpaste Function; 3.Come with Four Cups; 4.Large Storage Table) 

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