Design Details Of Common Household Items

Nowadays, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher, the requirements of life is also getting a lot higher.In daily life, we will carry out the details of the design to improve the use of our users.So many of the design of living goods is very good, but some people are unaware of them. There are many details of the design indeed.Today we will sharing : what are the details of those household goods around you, what are the appliances that do not have to buy?

1.The Design Details & Uses Of Common Household Items

  • The Brass Door Handle

In fact, the door handle are a place full of germs that everyone has a chance to touch. In this case, the normal door handle may make us sick. In addition to looking better, brass doorknobs have wonderful health benefits by killing bacteria.

  • Have You Noticed The Rings On The Back Of Some Shirts?

The presence of these rings is so obvious that many people probably know what they can do. They are used to hang shirts, especially at some hooks, so that the shirt will not be wrinkled. There are some shirts with a label at the inner collar that can also be hung up.

  • Have You Noticed The Toothpick With An Indentation At One End?
Well, this type of toothpick does look special, and you think it's just for the design sense? Besides their appearance, you can break the indented part and use it as a holder for the toothpick so that you can put it on the table after using it and not feel dirty when you use it again (although most people choose to take another toothpick).
  • The Special Use Of New Can Caps 

After opening the can, you can rotate the top so that it lines up with the mouth of the can. Then it can be used as a holder for the straw. We all know this one, but ever wonder why? Because when the old version of the can was inserted into the straw, most people only pulled it halfway so that it could hold the straw in place, and now it's designed to make up for that.

  • Do You Know What The Hole Next To The Padlock Keyhole Is For?

It actually serves two purposes. First, it allows water that enters the padlock to stay out. Secondly, it also facilitates oiling of the padlock.

  • How Do You Use The Holes In Your Pot Handles?

This hole is used to hang itself. However, it can also be used as a holder for spatulas while cooking.

  • Serrated Edge Of One End Of The Tape Measure

It helps you mark the location being measured. Simply press it into the surface and the serrated edge will mark it for you.

  • Did You Notice The Hole At The End Of The Tape Measure?

This is to make it easier for us to take measurements. By fixing it with a nail, you can measure without anyone's help, and make the tape measure straighter when you measure.


2.Furniture & Appliances That Don't Need To Be Bought

  • Hanging Basket Chair

The family has a double balcony will want to make full use of the balcony. One balcony is for laundry and drying .The other is for raising flowers, drinking tea or something. My friend gets one hanging basket chair to enjoy the life, placed it on the bedroom balcony. Then he said he just love it so much,but after sitting for two days he felt really uncomfortable.There will  be safety hazards,and it wastes up space.It is useless for most people ,before you want to buy it please think twice.

  • Bean Sprout Machine
In order to eat a bean sprout specifically to buy a bean sprout machine, but it is impossible to eat bean sprouts every day. And I have personally tried direct soaking is also possible, buy this purely to take up space.

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